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Clay DuBose

Vice President Sales
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Clay DuBose, the son of Clayton and Marion DuBose, was born in France and as a child in a military family, traveled extensively growing up. These experiences would serve him well when he became a traveling member of the Jarrow Formulas family. Clay obtained a degree in English-Communications from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, and promptly upon graduation headed west to Los Angeles to become lead singer in a heavy metal band. Many trials and tribulations led Clay to the world of vitamins in a desperate attempt to ward off the ravages of the Sunset Strip lifestyle. After Clay’s many trips to the Jarrow headquarters to mooch for vitamins, the company finally hired him out of pity. Clay then set out on a personal mission to introduce Jarrow Formulas to heretofore unknown lands. After a successful stint as a territory manager in the Southeast, Jarrow Formulas promoted Clay to National Sales Manager and later to Vice President of Sales. In the past several years in this capacity, and after visiting almost all 50 states of the union, Clay has grown the Jarrow sales force coast to coast and as his nature, still manages many key accounts himself. He may be singing a different tune but he’s still singing.