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Jarrow Formulas® Launches Jarro-Dophilus® Allergen-Free With 6 Clinically Documented Allergen-Free Probiotic Strains
Los Angeles, CA, January 21, 2010 – Jarrow Formulas®, Inc., a global wellness and nutritional product company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, has announced the launch of Jarro-Dophilus® Allergen-Free with 10 billion total probiotic bacteria per capsule and 6 clinically documented probiotic strains.

Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus® Allergen-Free is comprised of certified allergen free probiotic strains. These strains have been manufactured (grown and processed) without the use of known major allergens. Jarro-Dophilus® Allergen-Free is especially beneficial for those individuals that have hypersensitivities to common food allergens, but still seek the benefits that a probiotic has to offer.
The term "certified allergen free" is a designation awarded to various food ingredients

by the European Union. In Europe, allergens in foodstuffs are regulated with the aim "to achieve a high level of health protection for consumers and to guarantee the right to information." Jarro-Dophilus® Allergen-Free has received the "certified allergen free" designation as a result of an innovative allergen free manufacturing process with an international patent filed with approval pending. This process guarantees safe consumption even to individuals with food allergies and/or food intolerances. The process also improves stability of the freeze-dried probiotic at room temperature by protecting the physiological integrity of the bacterial cells.

"Jarro-Dophilus Allergen-Free represents a significant achievement for Jarrow Formulas," says Kevin Connolly, Ph.D, a consultant for Jarrow Formulas.  "The ability to offer documented strains (which classically have been grown on milk or soy media) that are now free of food allergens enables hypersensitive individuals to benefit from a probiotic product without having to compromise on quality or value."

The suggested retail price (SRP) for Jarrow Formulas' Jarro-Dophilus® Allergen-Free is $18.95 for a bottle of 60 capsules. Recommended usage is 1 or 2 capsules per day with water and a meal. For infants and children, capsules can be opened and the contents mixed with water or unheated liquids such as fruit juices or foods. As always, the product may be taken as directed by a qualified health care consultant.

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