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A Probiotic Pioneer:
Science-Based Probiotics Since 1986

Jarrow Formulas® helped pioneer the nascent field of probiotics in 1986 with the original Jarro-Dophilus®, which introduced mixed species formulations (a health food industry first) with the help of Jarrow's mentor, Dr. Edouard Brochu, a microbiologist and co-founder of Institut Rosell of Canada. Jarro-Dophilus® was also novel in having unparalleled quality control and assurance at a time when most probiotics did not even contain the claimed species.

When it comes to choosing effective probiotics, clinically documented strains matter.™ That's why Jarrow Formulas' probiotics contain high-quality, clinically documented strains that have been developed through years of research and innovation for effectiveness.

Clinically Documented Probiotic Strains

From the beginning, Jarrow Formulas® has continued to innovate and create products that put science first, with clinically validated documented strains. Researchers conduct years of studies on strains before one is identified and selected as a “probiotic.” There are many commercially available strains within any given probiotic species.

For example, bacteria that have been identified as beneficial within the Lactobacillus rhamnosus species have assigned ID designations such as R0011, R0052, LBV96, or GR-1® following the genus (Lactobacillus) and species (rhamnosus) names. The strain ID is confirmation that the specific Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain present in that product has been documented specifically for health benefits and isn’t unidentified.

When it Comes to Choosing Effective Probiotics, Clinically Documented Strains Matter™

As an innovator of consumer probiotics since 1986, Jarrow Formulas has long advocated for the scientific wisdom of formulating multi-strain probiotics, which utilize specially selected bacteria strains that best support targeted health benefits such as intestinal and immune health.*

Strains Matter™, and at Jarrow Formulas we take great pride in using high-quality and scientifically documented strains in our probiotic line that have been developed through years of research and innovation alongside renowned partners Lallemand-Institut Rosell, Chr. Hansen, and Morinaga Dairy.

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Jarrow Formulas’ Proprietary EnteroGuard® Coating
Protection Against Stomach Acid

The acidity of the stomach forms an important natural barrier but can impede probiotic supplementation. EnteroGuard®, Jarrow Formulas' proprietary, food-grade, pH-Sensitive coating ensures probiotics stay alive through the stomach and arrive to the digestive tract. EnteroGuard® capsules resists stomach acid to optimize the amount of beneficial bacteria that’s actually delivered to the intestines, giving superior results with fewer capsules.

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Founding Member

In 2006, Jarrow Formulas® founded the International Probiotic Association (IPA), along with Institut Rosell and Morinaga of Japan. As the global voice for probiotics, the IPA has been a forum for commercial and academic exchange and the leading advocate for probiotics in regulatory affairs.