Self Care for Down There

Free Virtual Panel Hosted by Jarrow Formulas

Monday, June 29
9:00-10:00 am Pacific
(Noon Eastern)

Everything you need to know to keep the p(H)eace

The female body requires healthy flora to maintain a balanced environment, and events like menstruation, sex, stress and hormone changes can easily throw things out of wack. Whether it’s your first period (hi, puberty) or your last (hello, menopause) — taking good care ‘down there’ is critical to optimal health. Together we’re gathering the experts for a science-backed conversation to ask and learn everything you ever wanted (or needed) to know.

Dr. Anthony Thomas

Dr. Anthony Thomas
is a Nutrition Scientist and Jarrow’s Director of Scientific Affairs.

Dr. Alyssa Dweck

Dr. Alyssa Dweck
is a practicing gynecologist, voted “Top Doctor” in New York Magazine and has co-authored three books, including ‘The Complete A to Z for Your V’.

Dr. Kameelah Phillip

Dr. Kameelah Phillip
is a board certified OBGYN and lifelong women’s health advocate with expertise in Minority Women's Health, care disparities, lactation, sexual and menopause medicine.

Katy Saeger

Katy Saeger

is CEO of Harmonica and a passionate wellness advocate who scales brands that improve the well-being of people and planet.

Join our virtual panel on Zoom to get your questions answered:

  • How to balance your feminine pH.
  • How vaginal lactobacilli and lower pH may help you be less susceptible to frustrating things like yeast infections, UTIs, BV and even STDs.
  • Which probiotics and foods are ideal for you “down there.”
  • How optimal vaginal health plays a role in better sex.
  • How balancing microflora can help before and after pregnancy.
  • The connection between vaginal health & a healthy immune system.
  • What to do when you notice unusual odor or discharge.
  • Why African American and Hispanic women need extra support and have higher rates of a non-lactobacilli dominated vaginal microbiota and higher median pH (less acidity) compared to white and Asian women.